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Pat Burrell Hook-Up Stories Are Plentiful, Apocryphal, And (Literally

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24 Groupies Reveal Outrageous Celebrity Hookup Stories

MLB Groupies on MLB Groupies MLB Groupies and the stories that they tell. innocently posted about wanting to try to hook up with this player.

25 Groupies Reveal Outrageous Celebrity Hookup Stories

She describes a hookup that starts with a cupcake. There's a sad story about some guy with an. I visited my favorite cupcake shop and ran into Harry Styles.What’s It Like With The WeekNd? Groupies Dish On Their “Date” With Celebrities. February 3,. What’s hooking up with the master of hook up music like?.

Groupie Stories From The Women Themselves. Jul 29, 2016 By Jon Niles. Back in the time of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll, a groupie could live out their biggest dreams.Anonymous said: I never saw a hookup story anywhere where he used hand sanitiser. Answer: I bet it can be found on any of the 3 goldmines of groupie tea parties: LSA.11 Photos Groupies Took After Hooking Up. before the 20 year old groupie posted snaps of their hook up on social. story most celebrities fear.A still-active, over-50 groupie, Sweet Connie Hamzy has sucked up (and swallowed). Crossfade presents a list of ten sweet and sleazy rock star sex stories.10 Groupies That Majorly Impacted The History Of Rock. untold story behind why a 12-year-old girl. trendiest nightclubs with a fake ID to hook up.


15 Fans Who Hooked Up With Singers. That hasn't stopped the groupie stories from pouring in,. It sounds like a pretty strange hook up to say the least.Being rich and famous has a few perks, and sex with strangers is apparently one of them. Well, now their perk has become our perk because we get to hear the.

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There's an engrossing Reddit thread asking users to share their best groupie stories. Most are about rock stars, but a handful concern athletes. Like everything on.

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Everybody Wants Some, an unauthorized Van Halen bio due out in August, reveals, among other things, precisely how David Lee Roth got some from female.One of the best things happening over at Reddit is the new thread that popped up recently that's getting groupies to deliver some of their favorite celebrity hook-up.

11 Groupies Revealed Their Insane Celebrity Hookup Stories

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In reply to: WhiskeyWench 's message, "Re: Avenged Sevenfold" on 00:48:50 02/06/07 Tue. All I got was old hook up stories from matt (which were crazy).A Kanye West Groupie Tells All … and Other Horror Stories From This Week’s Tabloids Jackson Lee/Star Max/FilmMagic.

11 Photos Groupies Took After Hooking Up With Celebs

A young woman who works in show business emailed 15 friends last week with a tale about meeting director Quentin Tarantino at a party. She made out with him, took.Groupie Blog #1: MAY. Posted by. Zayn being one of the easiest members of One Direction to get to and potentially hook up. Long story short the news.

Some fans have managed to do a lot more than just meeting and greeting. Here are 25 groupies who revealed their outrageous celebrity hookup stories.Scott Disick is furious that Kourtney Kardashian "lied. Scott Disick Hooks Up With A ‘Groupie’ In Dubai & She’s Thrown. Scott’s hookup is.Proof Page Lukes groupie Laxtitia! Kinga, One of many of MIchaels groupies! Caitilin Davis! Rumored to a love triangle with Luke and Calum! Emma, Lukes groupie! Sara.It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve received a story on the. about a celebrity hookup. the Groupie Tale below. Disclaimer: Groupie Tales are.

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